Wellness Without Borders

Wellness Without Borders is located in northeastern Connecticut.

We offer flexible hours and are open Monday through Saturday by appointment.

Classes and seminars in the Healing Arts are scheduled throughout the year.

Essiac Tea is available at our Office. It can be picked up or mailed. Call to order.

To contact the Healing Arts Center, please phone us or send a message to mary.healingarts@gmail.com.

Church of Spiritual Stewardship

The Church of Spiritual Stewardship, Inc., a non-denominational organization, recognizes that spirituality plays a major role in the healing process.  To this end we have established a Healing Massage Ministry™ with a training program that ordains Healing Massage Ministers™.

Periodically, we hold tutorials on bodywork, Dowsing for Health®, vibrational medicines, stretching, energy work and other alternative healing modalities.  Dowsing for Health® is a methodology developed by Dr. Albert Schatz and Mary L. Brewster. In these workshops we utilizes the art of dowsing to measure our ethereal and material bodies and to determine a quantifiable level of health and of the healing process. These levels can be charted and a record of progress can be established.  These workshops are held at the Healing Arts Center in Tolland, CT.

Dowsing for Health™ has become an integral part of practice for the Healing Massage Ministry™, allowing the practitioner to acknowledge the impact of all four aspects of our health: our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and their affect on our wellbeing.