Wellness Without Borders

Wellness Without Borders is located in northeastern Connecticut.

We offer flexible hours and are open Monday through Saturday by appointment.

Classes and seminars in the Healing Arts are scheduled throughout the year.

Essiac Tea is available at our Office. It can be picked up or mailed. Call to order.

To contact the Healing Arts Center, please phone us or send a message to mary.healingarts@gmail.com.

Healing Arts Institute

In 1985 Mary Brewster decided to embark on a career in complimentary health: specifically, body/movement work. She viewed the idea of returning to conventional learning with apprehension. Upon researching area schools, she found that not much had changed with respect to the educational environment since the earlier days of her education. These schools operated like factories, having no time to talk, explain, or guide. At the time, the only massage school in Connecticut said that it would be six months before anyone would even be available for an entrance interview. Then she discovered the Myotone Institute, Inc. north of Boston, with its unique small class tutorials. It became obvious to her that she had found her place of learning. She attended Myotone Institute, and upon graduation, in 1988, created Healing Arts Institute, Inc. as an affiliate of the Myotone Institute, Inc. until 1993 when the director, Al Hunt and the Myotone Institute closed.

Historically the tutorial process has been our educational trustee. In the interest of preserving the diverse teaching methods of alternative education, the Healing Arts Institute continues to offer unique learning opportunities. The core of this experience is facilitating the student's own learning experience. Within our unique educational format, students discover how they interact with new and old ideas that are inherent in the art of living. Our intention is to inspire people to think, explore, and discover. To look on their life as a creative work in progress.

Healing Arts Institute has been incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit charity; to provide educational programs of instruction; consisting of workshops, training programs, discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures and other similar programs, on topics related to health education, maintenance and well-being. The Institute also provides a source of information to the public of health-related information and education; community services; to distribute literature pertaining to health maintenance and health education.

Our community outreach programs include: Kidspace, a pediatric alternative health clinic and the Stewardship Project, a recycling program. It is our belief that our best resource is each other; neighbor helping neighbor and that within the framework of the Institute, our friends and families will be serving the needs of the community.

At various times during the year we offer workshops in Bach Flower Essences, Therapeutic Touch, Body Movement, Massage and Bodywork for Beginners.